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Articles by Jeremy Russell, Founder and CEO of 20-Minute Trader®

The 20-Minute Trader® system was designed for hard-working, every-day people who are striving to achieve financial improvement. Helping others and providing service has always been our priority, and our team members are educators, traders, and productive people. Having walked the same path and achieved success, we are dedicated to helping you do the same.

The Effect of US Elections 2022 on the Market,

Plus Comments on Inflation.

The elections held hope for investors from both sides of the isle, that a Republican Congress would be the result. It ended up that the House is now Republican while the Senate remains Democratic. A split Congress.

To be clear, I am speaking only from the standpoint of Wall Street and how they feel. This is not about political ideologies or policies from the standpoint of which side is good or bad or right or wrong. This is merely how Wall Street views things in terms of market response.

Inflation and the Fed in Early November 2022

There’s a great deal of attention on the Fed decisions these days.

Until the Fed eases up interest rates, people’s assets will continue to fall or stay low. So, a bunch of people are wanting the rate hikes to slow or stop soon. But the Fed is like, “Sorry effers, we aren’t going to do that until inflation is at a solid 2% instead of 8 or 9%.”

How I Prevent Major Losses

I have been through every scenario you can imagine on day trading. I have even doubled my money, tripled my money, over the span of just weeks and then wiped it all out in one stupid trade.

One time made $30,000 over the span of three months, and lost $25,000 in one trade.

I did what other traders do. I looked in the mirror and called myself a gambler, a loser, a weakling, an idiot, a criminally irresponsible psycho, and a coward.

5 Habits of Jeremy

The last one is most important by far...

1. READING (audiobooks).

You hear this a lot, but I listen to audiobooks while showering, folding laundry, exercising at the gym, walking my baby son around the neighborhood, mowing the lawn, and any other household chores.

About one book every two weeks. Subjects are investing, marketing, scaling, leadership, etc. and also some fiction.

Day Trading Loser

If you lose at day trading and you are reading this right now, in one way you're very not unique and in another way you are very


Estimates show that 90% of day traders have less money in their account than they put in. In this regard you are not unique.

But very few of these losers admit it. That you do and can, makes you VERY unique.

You hear about these great winners who show how they made a bunch of money day trading, it almost makes you feel like everyone

does or can.


Stock means ownership.

If you have stock in a company it means you own part of that company.

The reason it's called “stocks” is rather funny. In England, the stock market started

hundreds of years ago in a building right next to a meat and fish market. Featured at one end of the market was a bunch of criminals placed in neck yokes otherwise known as “stocks.” You know, the planks with holes in them for hands and a head, to publicly punish criminals. That meat and fish market came to be known as the “stock market,” where you will find folks in neck yolks while buying your wares. The word “Stock” itself, goes back to meaning “wood” or “tree trunk.”

My Strategy

I’m celebrating the coming recession…why?

Because my strategy is recession proof, and has proven itself since January.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jeremy Russell, founder of 20-Minute Trader® ...

Making Money Online

Making money online is now easy for many people in so many ways that it has been a great way for people to add income to their lives. Many who work a day job are also doing a side hustle to make additional cash. Online is one of the best ways to do this. I know writers who get paid to do copywriting in their spare time, people who have an Amazon product that they're selling, people trading crypto, stocks, options, forex, etc. Etsy is filled with people who are crafting desirable commodities for sale, often as a side hustle.

What Is A Call Option?

Options are just confusing enough to keep a lot of people from working with them. But they're also just easy enough that the retail trader who isn't an expert can get through the discomfort of learning what they are and potentially gain greatly from this understanding.

Try to imagine you only have got you've only got $1000 to invest. And you're looking at a stock like Apple...


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